OAN Farm Tree Expo 2012 - Otway Agroforestry Network



Friday 27th April 2012, Bambra, Victoria




Bambra Agroforestry Farm 1987 (L) and 2001(R)

This year’s FarmTree Expo is at the place where it all started - a bare eroded landscape is now an exciting and dynamic haven. Covered in masses of native and exotic trees for - furniture; shade & shelter for sheep; thinnings for firewood and shiitake mushrooms; oaks for truffles; redwoods for timber and erosion control; mountain pepper for spices; banksias for cut flowers - the list is endless!

Within this vibrant setting, OAN brings together exhibitors and guest speakers from Victoria and interstate.  You can talk to a wide range of experts on the many different aspects of sustainable vegetation. With everything from bees to trees, natives to exotics, plus bush tucker, shiitake mushrooms, tools and guest speakers - it's a must do for everyone!

Visitors will have direct access to local and national experts on all aspects of agroforeestry. This is also the chance to meet some of the region’s leading tree growers and hear their stories.

For more information about the OAN FarmTree Expo 2012 activities please click on the orange headers below for more details

BIOENERGY Turning waste into energy: Gasification: Biochar: Firewood

BIODIVERSITY Integrated Pest Management: Community Ecology: Birdlife Australia: Myrtle Rust : Water Watch & Landcare : Bees

BUSHFOODS & FOREST PRODUCTS Mountain Pepper, Lemon Myrtle, Wattleseed and Muntries: Log-grown SHIITAKE : Walnuts and Truffles : Cut flowers & Foliage  : Honey

CARBON & CLIMATE Climate Dogs: Soil Carbon

QUALitY TIMBER Felling : Snigging : Milling : Furniture : Musical Instruments

Open 10am - 4pm. Entry gold coin donation.

Bambra Agroforestry Farm - 165 Bambra-Boonah Rd, Bambra.  Follow signs. 

Dress for the weather and wear sturdy footwear and please leave your dogs at home - this property grazes sheep.


Buy, bring your own, or pre-order a delicious bush-flavoured picnic hamper ($20) and enjoy your lunch, perhaps with a glass of local wine. Bookings for  bush-flavoured picnic hamper have now closed.

/edit/images/JARVIS-BROWN-POSTER4X.GIF.JPGSit beneath the trees and listen to the delightful music of Jarvis Brown.

After Dark with Shane Howard

/edit/images/SHANE-HOWARD-_1.GIF.JPGFrom 6pm the festivities continue with BBQ, bonfire and music.

Join Rowan and the OAN team for the evening.  Tickets $25

Bookings for dinner now closed.

Farm Tour 10am Staurday 28th

OAN member Andrew Stewart welcomes all to a tour of his Deans Marsh property "Yan Yan Gurt West".  It is a traditional grazing farm which has invested considerable time in agroforestry.  15% of the farm has been revegetated with a variety of commercial, non-commercial trees and vegetation. There is a strong focus on landcare issues, improving farm productivity and commercial opportunites from sawlogs, pulp and seed production.