Peer Group Mentor Service - Otway Agroforestry Network

Peer Group Mentor Service

The Otway Agroforestry Network (OAN) has developed a Peer Group Mentor service (PGM) to enhance community capacity and assist the process of establishing multipurpose plantings in the Otway region over a period of several years.

The PGMs gives OAN members assistance and support from other experienced farmers and tree growers to design, establish, and manage multipurpose plantations based on landholder needs and desires. The PGMS is based on the well recognised principle of adult education - that as adults we learn best from our peers in a supported non-threatening environment e.g. on the farm The PGM is an innovative farmer and community-capacity building process and has started to make a significant contribution to sustainable-farming practices and landscape change in the Otway region.
OAN Peer Group Mentors live and work in the region and have a wealth of experience in a range of areas including: