Farm Tree Expo 2012 BioEnergy - Otway Agroforestry Network


Bioenergy is a diverse and rapidly growing field which is essentially about generating renewable energy. The energy stored in woody biomass is converted into heat, electricity or liquid biofuels via a range of pathways from direct combustion to 2nd generation biofuels using enzymes to convert woody cellulose and lignin to ethanol. Although still a fledgling industry, exciting new bioenergy projects and proposals are popping up across the state as more and more people look for innovative ways to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, reduce our Green House Gas emissions and diversify their agricultural enterprises.

Turning waste into energy: Bioenergy in Victoria - Where it's at: Liz Hamilton Senior Bioenergy Industry Officer, DPI. Liz undertook a Gottstein fellowship in 2009 to study developments in bioenergy in North America. And is in touch with all new bioenergy developments in Victoria.

Gasification: could be one of the quickest ways to help many countries in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce climate change. Peter & Kerrie Davies from Real Power Pty Ltd, Canberra, will talk and demonstrate their gasifier.

 Biochar:  Doug Philips and Dave Warne, Greening Australia will present the research on the use of Biochar in accelerating growth rates of indigenous plants which can then be used as a Biofuel.  A closed system that doesn't require external input once it is up and running.

Firewood: Phillipa Noble, Senior Farm Forestry Officer, DPI, will discuss growing, harvesting and the requirements for selling firewood.